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Rainbow Sensory Bags

Rainbow of pasta & grains
Rainbow of pasta & grains

The Story of the Kindness Elves

Hi there! Mummy A from Squishels and Me here with Squishels, a 4-month old bright baby always wanting to learn and grow. We've received a book written by Anna Ranson and Benjamin Byrne, 'The Story of the Kindness Elves' to review with an accompanying rainbow activity.

The Story of the Kindness Elves, book
The Story of the Kindness Elves, book

The Story of the Kindness Elves was a story with a good moral, whimsically exciting pictures and an exciting extra - a little postcard with the recipe for happiness tucked away. The book takes you on an adventure from up in the clouds with Kindness Elves looking down at the people who don't see their happy rainbows and smile, to a brother and sister living on Greenbody Road who could reach these people with little acts of kindness, with a little help from the Kindness Elves, Sugar and Pop.

The book inspired me to do my own little act of kindness for Squishels: her first set of sensory bags, in a rainbow of colours!

A little gift from me to you,

A gift to make my baby smile,

A gift of kindness and happiness,

A rainbow of seeds and grains,

Filled with colour and texture,

For you to explore and learn.

Child playing with rainbow-coloured pasta, grains and sensory bags
Child playing with rainbow-coloured pasta, grains and sensory bags

Rainbow Sensory Bags

The rainbow activity I chose to share with Squishels was rainbow sensory bags. I carefully chose edible products to create a range of sensations for her to explore, such as gelatine to make a jelly and pasta for a unique shape. I then put these into bags (double bagged of course), and taped them up so my baby's sharp little teeth couldn't penetrate the bags. Squishels enjoyed squishing them flat and poking them, and occasionally chewing on them. Some of the colours attracted her more- red, yellow and blue. I also spread out the dry components on a wooden tray for Squishels to be able to explore more, putting a handful in front of her during tummy time and putting her feet in the tray to squish up, but these activities didn't really capture my baby's attention.

What we used:

How we made rainbow sensory bags:

Using the hot water, gelatine and food dyes, make several pots of jelly in different colours. We tried to make red, orange (yellow & red), yellow, green (blue & yellow), light blue, dark blue and purple (blue & red). Using these same colour combinations, dye the pasta and rice by placing two handfuls of each in a bag with a cup of water and a few drops of food dye, leave for 15 minutes or so, then leave out to dry.

Once the pasta and rice have dried and the gelatin has set, put the bags together with one colour each. Put the chickpeas in the blue and red bags (we learnt they won't dye to match), the green peas in the green bag, the yellow peas in the yellow bag, the lentils in the orange bag and the kidney beans in the purple bag. Then tape all four sides, slide into another bag and snap shut. Present to your baby and let the exploration begin! Make sure you model intrigue, excitement and exploration as the caregiver so your baby knows it's fun and safe.