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Following Squishels' Lead by Empowering Her

jetty with family
jetty with family

As parent's, we strive to empower Squishels to make her own choices. However, as a baby, there's only so much she can choose. So, how do we attempt to empower our daughter?

Firstly, we try our hardest to listen for her cues. Sometimes they are very subtle, like an emotion across her face or a sound she's making. Other times, they're big, and loud, like her screaming the entire place down. Either way, there are usually cues to what Squishels wants, it's just up to the caregiver to listen.

Secondly, we try our hardest to facilitate what Squishels is lacking. For the most part, this is movement, and language. For us to empower Squishels, we need to be her legs and her voice until she learns how to crawl and speak. This means answering cues of 'I want to go to Mummy' by taking her straight to Mummy. Or, 'I don't feel safe here' cues to give Squishels big cuddles and time to be with her during the big emotions.

Empowering a baby is definitely a big learning curve, and we are no better at it than many parents. But it's always in the back of our mind as we go about our day, interacting with Squishels and learning who she is. I'd love to hear how you empower your baby, in your own ways.