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The Baby-Led Weaning Begins

Our little Squishels has been showing signs she's ready for solids for a little while now- she's interested in food, lost her tongue-thrust reflex and can sit unsupported for longer periods of time. I knew I'd have to bite the bullet and start the process of baby-led weaning soon, I just didn't want to have to start dealing with solid food poops (scraping the poop off the MCN into the toilet- ew!), and I most certainly didn't want to have to deal with parting with my foods. But honestly? It's such a big step forward in her growing up, I wasn't sure I was ready for it.

I'm not sure what made me change my mind and decide we're all ready for this leap. I went out, bought corn kernals, asparagus heads and a cucumber (a few tips found on Belly Belly as to what foods to start with). I fed my baby, then got her all set up in her floor seat with a cucumber stick to gnaw on ready on the tray. Besides a bit of confusion, and puzzlement, the cucumber really didn't take Squishels fancy how I thought it would. My spaghetti bolognaise was what took Squishels' interest and delight- she loved the texture, the taste, the smell.

One thing that wasn't expected with this journey was the change to routines. For us, meal-times now mean 'various healthy foods', as well as 'super messy'. There's now a bath after most meals, followed by a teeth brush (and a gnaw on the toothbrush!) followed by Mummy running her finger around Squishels' mouth to see if she has any hidden food before she snuggles in for a sleep.

I can't wait to see the many adventures baby-led weaning will take Squishels on in her journey to finding who she is. Stay tuned for more messy tales!