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About 'Squishels and Me'

Our family consists of Mummy A, Daddy J, Squishels (now about five months) and a malamute-kelpie, MiMi.

In our family, we believe in attachment parenting, natural and gentle. That means breastmilk (as long as my health permits), cloth nappies (as much as possible) and bedsharing (with Daddy of course!). But primarily? It means following my baby's lead, respecting her, empowering her and protecting her.

We've breastfed for the first five months of Squishels' life. I'm not completely against formula feeding a baby, every family is different, and my health might deem breastmilk as more harmful than good for the pair of us. But I'm proud to have had an exclusively breastfed baby for five long, hard months especially through teething bites and family unit stays. It's about following our baby's lead, respecting when she asks for food, and empowering her to eat whenever, wherever. but also protecting her from her mummy being ill.

We've also used modern cloth nappies since Squishels was about 2 and a half weeks old, and cloth wipes for about three months. It's been hard, and we have used disposable nappies from time to time. But it's a lot easier than I thought it would be (as long as we remember to put the nappies in the washing machine or on the line!), and my baby's butt, my purse and the environment sure thank us for it.

Daddy J bedshares with Squishels at night. It's not ideal- I'd love to be the one to sleep bedside her, wake to her screams, have her feed during the night, but my medications make that dangerous. So Daddy J steps in and takes that role. It means Squishels still gets the attention and care when she wakes from nightmares, but I still get my sleep. It's about following our baby's lead (she won't sleep in a cot even if we tried!), but still protecting her.

So that's how we parent, in a nutshell. Daddy J and I both have chronic illnesses, and our parenting has strong influences from Waldorf and Montessori approaches. This blog will be about exploring all of that, and how Squishels grows up and developes. I hope you join us and watch as Squishels grows in the independent young woman God designed her to be.